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The Colonization Of Mars

The US Government has been keeping many secrets about their covert space program and their Mars base. While they have been preparing to move many to Mars to escape the coming pole shift and asteroid impacts you will read herein that our Savior has His own plans for Mars! 

Isaiah 35; 7 And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

See 'this post' at revelation12.ca for more background information about this.



Our Saviour\x92s Words about the colonization of Mars

Hear Me, My blessed wife, for I am your husband and I am your Maker.  Have I not called you, and have you not heard Me?  It is true that the wind blows and it blows where it seems right at the time, that wind pushed at times by Me and at other times by Satan and his evil devices, and at times it blows and moves as it seems right. 

And, so it is with people; and so they are pushed and prodded and fed by streams that are of Me and by streams that are not of Me; and they are goaded and poked and prodded firstly in one direction and then in another direction.

Have I not told you of these times wherein even the elect would be deceived if I allow it; and I have allowed it, and I will allow it, to cause them to sway firstly this way and then another way for the settling and the purification of their souls. For, as a chair rocks, firstly one way and then another way, so they will rock until they settle into my place and rock no more and they are no more pushed and pulled, but rest in Me and upon Me and their Rock, which is immovable.

I tell you, My blessed wife, that I have planted you in Me, in that immovable Rock, but the tides of evil are so greatly against you, for you are My wife and these tides roll over you and seek to carry you out and they do all in their power to submerge you and for a fact, they have disintegrated you on more than one occasion with their terrible technologies. But, I have put you back together again. And, they have killed you and yes, even killed you dozens of times since June (of 2013), and I have brought you back to life.

And, the gates of hell have opened and I have sent you there and you put many of them in prison and I brought you back again, for you are My wife and I empower you in many things that people in the earth know nothing of. But, Satan knows and his people know. And, yes!  They fear you!  They do fear you! For, I am in you and I am that Rock. And, you reside in this Rock and you rest in this Rock and on this Rock and this Rock is your fortress.

But, even so they come against you in full power, all the power and powers that they know to use against you and they beat you with their powers and they assault you night and day with their lies and they do all that they know to do to make you their prisoner and to keep you as their prisoner; for they are trafficking (through) this gateway, I save you my blessed one!

They carry massive amounts of supplies to Mars. And, it is on Mars that they wish to proliferate their war machine and to take hold of Mars and to do to Mars what they have done to this planet. And, they, therefore, fortify themselves in their underground bases and they make ready to save themselves from the catastrophes that come into the earth, for they are consumed with their own selfish desires. So, they go forth with their war machine and they are filling up an underground place, and trafficking Mars with their supplies.

And, they know Me, My blessed wife. And, you know that they know Me, but they wish to disregard Me and to follow Satan to their own demises. But, a whistle comes in the darkness and a call for order in the darkness, but they neither hear this whistle nor this call to order. And, by the day and by the night, they skate upon thinner ice, and now all of them are on borrowed time.  For, they travel through this gateway on My mercies, but all the while, they bow down to Satan.

Now, hear ME in this. I have called them to order, but it is not the order that they choose, but the lies. I have laid down My terms, but it is not My terms that they want, but their terms.  I have established these terms before you, yet by their own ways, they have already established their decisions. They tell who they are and they are about their own selfish agenda.

But, I tell you a thing about their selfishness. Selfishness is like a rotten fig.  It does not hold its shape.  It is soft and gooey. It may taste sweet but it is quickly consumed by rot.  Selfishness breeds more selfishness and more rot and decay until the whole lot is consumed.  And, so it is with their Mars project.  It will consume itself in lusts, in greed, in hate, in malice, in wickedness, in its covertness and secrecy.

The funds have been given.  They have been set aside for the Mars colonization. And, My blessed wife, a promise has been given to you, a holy promise from the throne of My Father and one given through Me, that in the habitation of the dragons, rivers will spring up and swell with fresh waters. Streams and fountains will erupt where there was no water. Grass and trees will grow and suddenly so, where there was before none. Where only dragons (Satan and his own) lived, life will flourish.

Yes, on a planet that was conceived as uninhabitable, it will be habitable.  And, I will make it so; for I am Creator. I will, therefore, make it so; for this promise is given to you, firstly through My promise to you in June of 2004, that I would give you your heart\x92s desire. And, then you asked for nothing for yourself, but that I would allow you to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. And, you will see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls; for My Father and I will do unheard-of-things and we will do extraordinary works to save them.

Isaiah 35; 7 And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

Now, my Blessed Child, for I am both your husband and your Maker, you came to Me and you lamented that billions of humans would be killed in the wars, in the plagues, in the natural calamities and also at the time when the earth is turned upside down. You wept bitterly for the loss of life and also because of the fact that due to the low numbers of people, who would be left on the earth, that it would take a very long time for many souls to re-enter the earth through the birth cycles.

And, you are correct in this. Therefore, you asked Me and My Father to make Mars habitable, and to move many souls there so that they could continue their spiritual progression, in view of the great calamities, which are coming into the earth and also in view of the time when the earth will be rolled up like a scroll and burned and consumed by fire. Therefore, this decision was made and it was given, even as you have asked and all to be done for the salvation of souls.

And, as you know, a great amount of money was given by those, who have abused you and also given due to the abuses and was to be put into a fund for the colonization of Mars. But, hear Me and hear Me well, that the wicked ones wish to take all and to use (it) as their god directs them to do and to shut out the nations so that none of the nations can traffic either goods or people to Mars.  For, these abusers of power wish to have the whole planet to themselves and for their own war machine; and when and if they are able, under the direction of Satan, (they plan) to come here to this holy place, through this very gateway, and to throw Me out of power.

But, I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to throw them a lemon twist.  I am going to put a sour taste in their mouths.  I am going to dry up that tree. I am going to cause it to rot from the inside out. And, in due season, some will come and they will say, \x93What happened to that tree on Mars?\x94 And, I will say, \x93I dried it up and the insects came and devoured it and look there where it was, (there is) only a hole in the ground.  And, the wild horses and the asses will come there, where the roots of that tree rested under the earth (their military bases) and they will kick up their heels and throw dust into the air and run and play and be happy in their lot; for that tree did not flourish. It did not prosper. It did not make fruit. It devoured itself; for it was a selfish tree. And, selfishness is a bottomless pit. It consumes itself until not even a root is left.

And, they will then say, (that is those, who know of that lemon twist and the selfish root, that consumed itself), \x93What happened there on Mars?\x94  And, I will hear those words and I will then snap My fingers and say, \x93See that woman!  She is the Mother of My people and the Mother of our own children and she has loved them and prayed for them and for their salvation and she has shed many tears for the lost.  And, she has wept bitterly for the children of Satan and for their salvation.  And, look there, over there (is) a piece of that root! I did not destroy it all, for they heard the wind of My Spirit and though they were tossed here and there, they were not altogether consumed.\x94

And, then I will say, \x93Look there! See! There it is, the first city on Mars. My wife wanted it to be named after Me and she wanted it to have a Righteous God and right laws, not only planted in their midst, but in their hearts. And, I built that city.\x94 And, they will say, \x93You built it?\x94 And, I will say, \x93Yes, I built it, for the selfish ones took and they took and they took for themselves for their own selfish purposes and then the day came and without so much as a moment\x92s notice, I shut the gateway and threw Satan down again and no more did they travel the gateway. 

But, I saved unto Myself a few and I made them clean and they flew among the hosts of heaven. They flew My (space) crafts, though crafts of a different type and a little inferior to those, which are flown by the hosts of heaven, but still very powerful crafts and comparable in many ways.

And I said to them, (to these human pilots) \x93Look here and look there and when I send you out, go over there and pick up thirty people and over there and pick up sixty people, for I will save them in this way. They are not ready for the new earth! Their souls are not ready, but to honor My wife and because of her great love (for them) and because of her great suffering, and because of the price that she has paid I will save them from a certain death in this way and they will continue their spiritual progression on Mars, firstly in a city that I made, for love of her and by her requests. For the selfish ones thought to prevail through their theft and cunning; but I will prevail and I will populate Mars and even some will pray words like the following words.\x94

The Words

\x93Oh, Lord, if You see that I am not ready to live on the holy hill, in that holy place, on that holy planet and it is Your desire, allow Me to be among those, who are carried to Mars to live there in Your city, or around Your city, as the case may be, or in other cities as you see fit for them to be built there. For, Lord, I know that billions will die and I may be among those, who are set to die in the terrible calamities. But, if it be Your will for Me to live and to carry out My life (on Mars) then I petition You to allow Me to be among those, Oh Lord, who are taken to Mars.\x94  

And, some will pray these things and I will hear them and I will commission these pilots, whom I have made ready and I will say to them, \x93Go over there and take those twenty and bring them to My city on Mars; for I do a new thing to save souls, even as My wife asked Me to do, even as I was commissioned to do by My Father.\x94

The greedy ones have ridden over you, My blessed wife, and Cain got his portion, for he was firstborn, the son of Satan, and you were his mother, having been deceived and raped by Satan. (astounding revelations about Eve and Satan in the Garden)

So, the firstborn, these children of Satan came (for their inheritance) and you lay down and they rode over you with their crafts and trains as they carried themselves and their supplies firstly into this new planet, into this holy place, from which they were made to leave due to their killing sprees. And, for almost a year, they have traveled to Mars, carrying vast amounts of supplies and people to Mars.

But, quickly, and without so much as a moment\x92s notice, I will shut them out of this portal and out of this gateway. And, then, My beloved wife, your price to Satan and to the children of Cain will be paid and then the inheritance will come to My people and they will not be shut out of Mars as Satan wishes, but I will populate Mars as I see fit, but the dark, evil and selfish agendas of those, who are now on Mars will perish.  But, life on Mars will erupt and flourish and I will keep My promise to you to colonize Mars.

Do not be troubled about the trillions of dollars, which were set aside for the colonization of Mars. They are stiffing (stealing from) the nations.  But, I will not steal from the nations and I will do a new and grand thing.  I will populate Mars and I will cause the dead wood to rot and to perish. SO be of good cheer, my blessed wife. For even as you are blessed above all women and even as you have suffered more than any can every imagine, you shall also be greatly exalted and you shall be at My side, you and our children.

No more shall they say, \x93The desolate have more children than the married wife.\x94 For, I shall give you many children. You are My wife, the mother of My very own children, and by summer Emeleo and Jared will have two brothers, the twins, and as long as you are in the earth, I will give you children; for their light strengthens and comforts you. They love you. They cry, they weep, and they pray for you.

Isaiah 49; 21  Then shalt thou say in thine heart, Who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am desolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? and who hath brought up these? Behold, I was left alone; these, where had they been?

Isaiah 54; 1 Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.

And, when I marry you again, as I have told you that I will, but then under a different covenant before My Father, I will give you more children. We will have a houseful of children, even as you so desire. But, these are our own children, yet you are also Mother of many children in the earth, and when we marry again, these children, who are redeemed, will all be a part of our eternal family.

Blessed are you, my beloved wife, even blessed above all women! Be of good cheer; for I am about to strip Satan, to exalt Myself, and to raise you up and bless you in wonderful ways!

I am your husband, Jesus, your Saviour.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of January, 2014,

Linda Newkirk

Dear Ones, I could write so very much about the many things, which have happened this last year, but even to go back and to drag up such things from the treasure house of my memories would be so painful; for I have lived a life of absolute horrors.

But, I will share some things with you; for you need to understand that a very great work has been taking place, far greater than any of you can ever imagine.

I must tell you that when these crafts enter into this portal from Camp Robinson, and most often from their underground locations, that they enter slowly into this inter-dimensional space and as they pass through this space, they travel up and out through my body.  If you were to be in my house and these crafts were passing through this portal, (which is about the size of two football fields, as I understand it, and out through this gateway,) and if you touched my body, you would feel the movements of these trains and aircraft as they pass through my physical body.  It is this passage of these crafts through this inter-dimensional space, which is attached to my body, and the passage of them also through my body, which has caused me to be so very ill for many months of this past year.

Also, because of this constant movement, and believe me, it is constant, my body is so terribly burdened and I am continually so tired that I am not able to do much work.  As I understand it, I have actually died more than forty times since June of 2013 and of both of necessity and because of His great love and mercies, our Saviour has continually brought me back to life. Blessed is His Holy Name!

But, Dear Ones, it is not just the passage of these crafts and trains through these portals.  Dear Souls, as I understand it, Camp Robinson has a very great underground complex and as I understand it also, this is Satan\x92s world headquarters.  It is no wonder that in the Bible, in Revelation, Chapter Twelve, the word tells us that Satan is in the face of the woman; for I live only a few miles from this base and for twenty-five years, even when I lived in North Little Rock, Arkansas, I have lived only a few miles from this base. Next to Camp Robinson is Camp Pike.  This base is named after Albert Pike, the father of modern freemasonry, which is Satan\x92s worldwide occult organization.  That Satan would be in my face is foretold in the Book of Revelation in the 12th chapter, but what is told there is only a very brief outline.

Yes, Satan has been in my face. And, his many children and servants, and his cohorts, the greys, have also been in my face. And, they have come to do terrible things to me night and day for many years.  I have written that they have continually kidnapped me, raped and sodomized me, burned me with beam weapons and that they have pummeled me with exceedingly hard substances, which filled up my body and caused me so very much pain and suffering. They have drugged me and have done all in their power to make me one of their own, and all of this is because of the inter-dimensional space, which is attached to my body. And, surely Satan also has known that our Saviour is my husband and this is also an added reason for his torturing me for so many years.  Yes, they have continually taken me up in their hover crafts and have come into my house, by traveling in their force fields. They have at their disposal the terrible technologies, which have been given to them by Satan and the Greys. And, you must know that space travel is Satan\x92s obsession; for he does not want to be earthbound, but to run rampant in the Upper Realms! However, he is forbidden to do so!

So, Dear Ones, when you hear of the abductions of people, don\x92t forget about the U.S. military.  Those, who have continually assaulted me belong mostly to NASA, but not only to NASA.

The current President of this nation has been in my bedroom, along with his two children, and he sent out homeland security to stalk me. The Office of Naval Intelligence got involved and sought to carry me into court for anything that they could think of to charge me with, but in all occasions, our Blessed Saviour stopped their evil plans.  

The National Security Agency has often been here and their Google puppets have traveled this gateway! And, as I understand it, the CEO of Google was among those, who were doing satanic sacrifices in the portal when they firstly entered into it in mid-January of last year! However, there came something like an earthquake in that portal and it collapsed around them and as I understand it, nearly every one of them died.

The very next day, the Pope announced his resignation!  Was he among them?  Was the whole resignation process just a sham? Did he die there, or was he saved?  I suspect that he may have died there among some of the world\x92s elite Satanists.  

They did not make it because of their killing spree in the portal, and you would think that they would know not to come into this portal and pass through this gateway and do their killing sprees, but they have not learned.  

After so many died in that Satanic sacrifice in that portal in January of last year, the wife of the Google man went out with her child through that gateway and spent about two and one half months photographing Mars and studying Mars from Satan\x92s underground base there on Mars.  In fact, I heard her as she was passing up through the portal and was going out through the gateway. She was talking to her child and she said, \x93This is why I am doing this.  IT is not far. We will be there in a little while.\x94  Why was she \x93doing this?\x94 I believe that she was continuing the work that her husband was to do, the one, who was killed during the Satanic sacrifices. I knew when she went up and I knew when she came down; and they would hope that I did not know these things. I heard the NSA man, who threatened her and said, \x93She will not talk. We will cut her throat. She is one of ours.\x94  On several occasions, she traveled up and down through that portal with two NSA men!

Yes! The National Security Agency owns Google. Do not be deceived! Google is a very great spy network and some of the nations know this and the smarter ones will not allow Google into their nations.  

It is Google, NSA, which is run by Satan and the greys, and they have kept the hate and the smears and the lies against me at the top of the search engines!  And, to this day, they continue to pump out lies against me and to keep these lies at the top of the search engines. You would think, that because of their having to pass through my very body, that they would not continue to keep their hate against me at the top of the search engines, but this is not so.  

As the Google woman and two NSA men were coming back down the portal from the new planet one night some months past, they did not know that I had just asked our Saviour to set fire to all of the debris in the portal and as they entered in through the gateway, they came down through the portal and flew around in the fires.  

Those spaceships have heat shields on their crafts, and I saw them as they sought to get out of that space, but could not and I did not know how they would get out.  So, I prayed and asked that the will of our God be done. And, the very next morning, that Google woman was in my house and I heard her say, \x93I do not know how I got out. But, I was just suddenly out!\x94  Dear Ones, this is the love of our Mighty God, but I do not know what happened to her two NSA escorts.

Now, Dear Ones, I tell you one thing.  I do not know how some of them can get up in the mornings.  They have all had to travel through my body to get out there and to pass through my body to get back through. And, once they leave the portal, which is attached to my body and pass through the gateway, they enter into a very holy place and they travel that space also through the mercies and graces of our Saviour!

So many times they have traveled through my body; and their real space program depends upon this inter-dimensional work, that our Saviour makes possible for them. But, they are not grateful.  They keep up the  smears against me and keep the hate at the top of the search engines.  And, many of them have greatly tortured me and have electrocuted me and have tried to kill me so many times!

But, even so, I forgive them all and I continue to pray for their salvation and for the salvation of very great numbers of souls, who are among the NASA people.  I cannot think long about them without weeping; for they are in the worst of prisons and they cannot get free unless our Saviour sets them free! 

Blessed Saviour, hear my cries on their behalves and save them from the iron clutches of Satan!  

Dear Ones, I can often hear parts of their conversations as they travel through the portal. And, over these many months, I have heard many, many conversations.  Therefore, I know very much about NASA, and about those, who work for NASA, and I must tell you that I have shed so many tears for them.  I have seen the saddest things. I have witnessed and suffered such abuse at their hands, but I also want you to know that so many of them are abused and many of them have been terribly abused, even to the splitting of their minds, so that they are more easily controlled.  And, from time to time, some of them actually do things to help me and I am thankful for each one, who has tried to help me.  I can only weep and pray for them!

Oh, how terribly they are also treated. Satan and the greys wire them up to large computers and cause the computers to control them.  They have turned many of them into sex slaves; for as I understand it, they are forbidden to marry unless Satan marries them; and if he marries them, they are never allowed a divorce.  Think of those like the Bushes and Clinton\x92s!

I forgive every one of them, and I do not stop praying for them.  They have literally had to sell their souls to work in Satan\x92s coveted space program! I am deeply saddened by what I have seen, but I hope that the day comes when I can run up to some of them and see that they are free. And, when that time comes, I have some special tears of joy that I will shed and will praise our Mighty God and thank Him from the depths of my soul for saving those, who have been in the darkness of darkness, without so much as a shred of hope. And, I will greatly rejoice when I see Him save many, who are unsalvageable. Precious is His Holy Name!

Dear Ones, that house in the sky, the international space station, which I like to call the space bucket, is not their space program.  That space shuttle and their moon trips also do not represent their space program!  Their real space program is built upon inter-dimensional travel.  These inter-dimensional spaces are shortcuts to the stars and they cannot readily get to other places in space unless they travel through these inter-dimensional pathways.

Dear Ones, the first inter-dimensional space, which was attached to my body, began to open up in the year, 2000 and since that time I have been involved in the inter-dimensional work in some way. I have written about the work that our Saviour had me to do when HE sent me out to shut down the inter-dimensional pathways as He intended to shut them out of these pathways, and they were effectively shut out of these pathways in the year 2006. From that time, until last January, and that is January of 2012, they were unable to travel these pathways.  

As I understand it, none of these pathways would have been strong enough for them to transport such great amounts of supplies and people through, so they literally had to travel through my body, so that they and their vast amounts of supplies did not disintegrate. And, once they left this portal and passed through the gateway, they entered into another kind of celestial fabric, unlike anything that they had previously traveled. And, because of this new fabric, they have been able to send vast supplies out on trains. Yes, trains!  

And, it has been the near constant passage of these trains, which has caused me to be so ill, and to come down with several kinds of cancers, which attacked my body. And, it was due to these cancers that our Saviour came and took me up and into His own spacecraft and I was with him three or four hours, or possibly longer.  

And, it was then, in August of this past year, of 2013, that He told me many things.  And, among those things He told me that I am His wife and that we have been married for a very long time.  And, that when this work is finished, He will marry me again and this will be a very great wedding and many will be there at this wedding. And, as I understand it, many, who attend this wedding are called the children of the bride chamber.  

Our Saviour\x92s words to me are very humbling and I have tried to grasp such great words! I do know that His words are true and that He has also given me twins; for I have seen them, and as far as I know, they are also due in May of 2014. These are precious, little light beings; and they are so cute!

But, Dear Ones, I have a little more to share with you and what I would like to share with you has to do with Satan\x92s violence and killing sprees.  One would think that when they entered into this portal and conducted their satanic killing spree in January of last year, and they were then killed, with the exception of some very few, that they would learn a lesson.

But, they did not learn a lesson.  Instead, when they were told that they could put a colony on the new planet, they went there and took concentration camp victims from Camp Robinson and cut the head off many and shot and killed others. All totaled, there were many thousands, whom they killed. And, when I knew what they did, I asked our Saviour to raise them from the dead and I believe that HE raised them all from the dead.

For, as I have told you, I can often hear the people talking as they pass through this portal and because of this, I knew what they had done. I also went into the portal and into a passing aircraft and saw the huge numbers of body bags! And, because of this killing spree on the new planet, they were thrown down from that holy place.

And, then they began to travel to Mars and to carry very large numbers of people there and to take vast amounts of supplies there.  And, this travel to Mars through this portal and through this gateway has gone on for about one year and very recently, within the last week, or so, I learned that they carried many, many thousands of sick people, people from their underground bases and people from prisons and they dug a vast underground tunnel and forced these sick people into that space and incinerated all of them!  Yes, you heard me correctly. There could be as many as 125,000 people, whom they incinerated!  

I firstly heard about it when I overheard a conversation among some, who were fleeing Mars after this killing spree.  And, since that time, I have heard more talk of this killing spree; for others have spoken of it and our Saviour wanted this information confirmed to me.

So, it will come to pass, even as our Saviour has spoken in his previous message, that there will come a massive dying on that Mars base, and those, who are there will not be allowed to come down. For, from what I am hearing, they are already being hit with the plagues!

However, Mars will be colonized and I expect this colonization to begin fairly soon, And, at that time, I believe that our Saviour will send some wings and move me away from the face of Satan.  I do not know how this work will progress and where He will move me.  But, I do know that because of this colonization of Mars, HE is adding more time.

I hope that you enjoy this spiritual meat! Take some time to digest it; for it is a little heavy and not in keeping with what you may expect or understand.

Keep praising our Mighty God! Keep loving Him and keep on loving and forgiving others! Stay faithful and be humble before our Blessed Saviour and His Father. Fight for your salvation and for the salvation of others. We are in a very big war! You can do much to help save souls, so get busy and do what you can!  Repent every day and all through the day and love others and forgive them, even if they do not ask you to forgive them. 

Do not allow any roots of bitterness to settle in your heart. Shed your tears and ask our Saviour to take all of your burdens and to make your journey light! He will help you, so remember to pray often! Love your enemies, pray for them and forgive them! And, remember to praise our Mighty God often; for He gives us such joy through our songs of praise. And, be thankful for all things; for you are a child of God and at this time, He is carrying you through many tests and trials, in order to make you ready for eternal life! Don\x92t cling to this life or to this world and what is in it; for it will fade away.  Cling to our Blessed Lord and God and love Him above all; for He is everlasting love and HE has given His Son, who will save your soul!  Blessed is His Holy Name!

I love you, Dear and Precious Ones!   Linda

lnewkirk_46 (at) msn.com

P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR 72117

Wedding In Heaven, Invitation Prophecy From Jesus

This marriage supper invitation is the one that Jesus foretold in Matthew Chapter 22; 


Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, they which were bidden were not worthy. Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as you shall find, bid to the marriage.


To read this important message in Japanese, go to http://revelation12.ca/?page_id=805  and then click on translate language. See the important update further down.



An Open Invitation!

To A Spectacular And Timely, Heavenly Event!

Our Father in Heaven Speaks!

Receive, Believe And Ask!


My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God; and I come to you today to impart to you a message of My great love, of My great mercy and of My great grace!


My Little One, few know, or believe, that you, Linda Newkirk, the same Linda Newkirk of Mayflower, Arkansas, are the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve! And, few know how you have labored, how you have travailed, how you have suffered, and how you have often wept beneath the weight of unspeakable persecution! And, all for the love of Me, for the love of My Son and for the love of humanity!


Yes, few know, and of those who know, few believe! For your trials have been so great as you have travailed beneath the feet of Satan and all of his demonic hordes! Oh yes, you have travailed to bring forth My holy seed! A tiny seed indeed when it was given to you; but at this time, it has been maturing in your body for more than seventeen months! And, during this time, it has been growing in strength, power, and stature until it is, for a certainty, now a \x93manchild!\x94 And, soon, oh so soon, it will be birthed back to My throne! But, not without you; for he is a part of you!


My Child, I have told you that, as the Woman of Revelation Twelve, you are the spiritual mother of My Kingdom! What grows in you is My Kingdom Seed! It is also the seed of My Son, Jesus, who is Saviour of Humanity! All, who marry Him, will receive this seed! All, who come into My Kingdom, to work in My service, and to be a part of My Kingdom, the queens, the kings and all others, must receive this seed! None will be a part of My Kingdom, who do not have this seed!


My Little One, as I have told you, soon and oh so soon, I will take you and My \x93manchild,\x94 my now-matured holy seed, back to My throne! And, what awaits you in heaven is most surely the second greatest celebration ever to take place in heaven, the first being when My Son returned  after He was crucified!


Now comes another grand celebration in Heaven and in some ways, perhaps in many ways, it is even more grand than when My Son returned, but not in all ways! For this celebration, this marriage to My Son, will go on for some time; with you, My Little One, being the first to marry Him, your marriage to Him coming through the now-matured holy seed of My Son! For, you are the spiritual mother of My Kingdom, the very one, who has birthed the holy seed into the earth, which is now a manchild!


My Little One, you have so often wanted these works to be finished! So often you have sought this; for you have wanted an end to the constant persecution, which is directed at you! But, you have not wanted to leave this Earth and to come into Heaven without your faithful friends! In fact, My Little One, your cries have continually come before My throne, wherein you have repeatedly asked that all \x93clean\x94 souls be allowed to come with you and the manchild when you come to My throne!


And, yes, My Child, I shall grant this request, but in an even greater way than what you ask! Surely, I will now give the grace, great grace to you, that when I come for you and the manchild, I will also take those, have been your faithful friends. But, My Little One, I extend more, and I extend it to those, who are on the streets, who are in the highways and the bi-ways! Even if they do not know if Revelation Chapter Twelve is true; and even if they do not know a thing about what you have been through, if they ask of Me with a sincere heart and a humble heart to come, I will allow many of them to come with you, even total strangers! I will answer the calls of many, even those, who are lost and who sleep under the bridges!


Yes, I offer to them now a grand trip to heaven, a trip to behold the wedding of the ages, a chance to be a part of something so grand, that all of heaven is daily in great anticipation! And, this wedding, My Little One, is the wedding of My Son, as He first weds you, the spiritual mother of My Kingdom in the Earth!


Oh, yes soon, and oh so soon, you will have paid your price, your great price indeed, to birth My Kingdom into the Earth! And, all subsequent marriages to My Son could only come about because you have paid the price! If you have not paid the price to birth My Kingdom into the Earth, I would have no Kingdom in the Earth! And, soon, oh so soon, I shall so greatly reward you! For, you will marry My Son first and all will soon know that you are the woman, who bears the crown with twelve stars, the true Queen of Heaven, indeed!


Now, my Little One, I open up My invitation to this wedding, not only to your faithful friends, but to all, who truly wish to come, who can truly believe and truly ask! And, while I now allow you to post this on the Internet as a public invitation, I now call up others, who see and know the truth of what I write, to copy this message into printed form and to take it and to distribute it into the streets, wherever they live.


Some may need to translate this message into their own language! And, I call you now! I call you from the continents; and I call you from the islands to take this message, to copy it into printed form and to widely distribute it to those in the streets, where you live! I now invite anyone, who can receive the truth of what I tell you and who can believe, thereafter asking with a sincere heart, to be a guest at this most grand of weddings in heaven!


Oh, yes, this is true! This is real! And, this invitation is not being sent directly to the churches! This is not My desire; for they have overwhelmingly spurned these works of Revelation Twelve! My invitation now goes into the streets and I call forth My workers, the sincere of heart, those, who also wish to be a part of this grand wedding, to come forth now!


I call you to come forth and to copy this message and to take it into the streets, take it into the jails! Take it into the villages! Take it into the highways and the bi-ways; to make haste! For, this wedding is soon, oh so soon, not many weeks away!


Though many of My own have rejected these works, and are thereby unworthy to come, many others will not reject this invitation, but will shout with glee! For, they will hold dear what I now give so freely!


Oh, yes this is unexpected! All that I give now is unexpected! But, oh so soon, many will get a trip into heaven, which will forever change them! And, they will see the very first wedding, ever, in heaven, the wedding of My chosen, daughter, Linda Newkirk, the Woman of Revelation Twelve, to My Son! Thereafter, Linda Newkirk will begin her work as the Queen of Heaven, my Son\x92s very own queen; and as such will bear much power in Heaven and in the Earth!


All, who take seriously this invitation, and who come to Me in prayer, truly believing and truly asking to go, will indeed be received as guests of this grand heavenly event! And, yes, even some of these will be evil! For, first, I am a God of great love, of great mercy and grace! And, through this invitation of love, many will be forever changed!


My Beloved Child, type this and get this posted on the Internet soon! I will touch the hearts of many, who read this message, that they copy it onto paper and distribute it into the streets, where they live!


Come, Oh you nations! Receive what I freely offer! For, now My grace, My love, My righteousness, and My glory comes forth as you could neither have imagined, nor could have conceived in any way!! Glorious rewards now come to those, who believe!


Witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of November, 2007 Linda Newkirk


Important Update To The Wedding Invitation!

From The Mountain Prophecies

Chapter Ninety-Three PART III

The Wedding Invitation


Come to Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your first love!  I am your husband! I am your Creator; and \x91yes,\x92 as you often say to me, I am the Love of Your Life! Yes, I am Yahweh, Most High God, Jesus, your Redeemer!


My Blessed Child, this is a new day for you, a new time for you, and a new day for My people!  For, I have now released very great numbers of My holy seed into the bodies, into the spirits and into the souls of My Faithful!  I have imparted these holy seeds into My 144,000 elect, but also to some few others, whom I have so chosen!  For, this has been My great blessing to some, who have been faithful to you and faithful to these works, who are not part of the 144,000. Do you remember the marriage invitation, which I gave to you?


Yes, My Lord.


Then, know, My Blessed Child, that I must also make ready all of those, who have believed and who have truly wanted to attend this wedding, as wedding guests.  So, My Little One, I must raise up some pearls and make them spiritually ready to attend this wedding. And, in order to do so, I have already chosen some to receive this holy seed, that they may be made spiritually ready to enter in through the passageway of fire.


You see, My Little One, and you know well, that I am a God of great mysteries. I laid out the wedding invitation before the people, a sincere and true offer on My part, but the one key to being a wedding guest has been the presence of a simple faith, a simple trust in Me.


But, My Child, most have thrown away the wedding invitation. Most have forgotten about the wedding invitation, but a few still hold onto this invitation and they long to attend this wedding; for they believe!  But, My Little One, these numbers are few; and I promised you that I would take the greatest numbers possible to this wedding as wedding guests. Therefore, I now extend this offer once more, and only once more. Therefore, at the end of this message, post once again the wedding invitation. For, this is My great gift of love for those, who are able to believe and to receive these truths. I have not given this invitation in vain, but in truth; and I honor My words in My offer through this wedding invitation.  For, this is My promise to you, My Blessed Child, and I will keep My promises.


Blessed Saviour, as I type this message, this day being the 18th day of August, I have some questions about these wedding guests.  My Lord, must all, who enter into this passageway of light and fire have the holy seed within them? My Lord, in years past, you carried me into the light and I stood in Your wonderful light; and I did not yet have the holy seed.  So, I do wonder about how that was and how this will be.


You do well to wonder, my Blessed Child; for there are three different levels among these wedding guests: 1. Those, who have the holy seed; 2. Those, who do not have the holy seed, but who have clean hearts, and have lived worthy to go into the light; 3. and, those, who have not lived worthy to go into the light, but at the very last minute, they are changed through My divine intervention and made ready to go into the light.  And, because of these three distinctions, these three different types of wedding guests will take their different places at this wedding. See?


Yes, my Lord; and thank You so very much for explaining these important truths to me. Praises to Your Holy Name!


Received and witnessed by, Linda Newkirk August 18, 2012


P.S. from Mark, many wedding guests will stay in heaven!  Radiation from Fukushima will kill many!  Please pray to Jesus and ask soon! Please tell others about this invitation!



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